Dream in Digital

What’s less human than digital, but what’s more human than dreaming? These contradictions come together as we dream of a world blanketed by sensors, communications, data and autonomous systems to deliver greater reliability, efficiency and sustainability. But what will it take to really make this dream happen? And when will we arrive? Furthermore, what do these changes mean for humans? For energy? Is it good? And what do they mean for relationships between customers and their utilities?

Join us on March 26 – 29 in Austin, Texas to celebrate five years of ETS as we explore the human journey to make the world digital, as well as the digital transformation that utilities and their leaders are embarking on:

  • Autonomous World
    How does this impact energy?
  • Vision vs Reality
    The complexity of truly realizing digitalization
  • Roles of People vs Technology
    Co-existing with AI and technology
  • Digitization of Energy
    Will the process lead to a utopian or dystopian future?
  • Increasingly Digital World
    The importance of people?
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