Venus V Pineyro De Hoyos

Smart Transportation Community Leader

Venus is a thinker, problem solver and knowledge integrator and synthesizer. She is passionate about democratizing access for historically disadvantaged communities through technology. Her areas of interest include innovation, mobility, and the role of AI in shaping our future.

Venus has spent the last 15 years using the power of information and data as a means to solve business problems working in Business Intelligence and Analytics in Fortune 50 companies. She is certain that technology, and innovation will enhance the way people live, learn, and commune in the 21st century and beyond.

Her expertise leading the delivery of global IT Transformation and Strategy projects, has led to the awareness that diversity and inclusion have direct ties to the bottom line.  Personally, she is an advocate to end domestic violence, evangelize the power of Immigrant Heritage and support and share an individual’s journey to find their personal truth.